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Top Or Bottom? Quiz Ultimate Accurate Test

Top Or Bottom? Quiz Ultimate Accurate Test

Top Or Bottom? Quiz: You want to know how kinky are you, well this quiz will tell you the answers. This quiz helps you to find the are you top or bottom. This top bottom test gives your position in your relationship. Everyone want to know if the two of you are compatible or not. Top bottom quiz is best for relationship positions.

What is Top or Bottom?

A "top" is defined as someone who prefers to the top, a "bottom" as someone who prefers the receptive role. 

Are you a top or a bottom?

So for this you have to take this quiz, Once you have answered all these questions then you will ge the perfect answer of this top or bottom.

The history of the top and bottom dynamic can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman societies, where the idea of the "active" and "passive" partner was prevalent. This often correlated with traditional gender roles, with the active partner being male and the passive partner being female or effeminate. These roles have been carried over and perpetuated in various cultures and societies throughout history.

Quiz: Guess the top or the bottom by your appearance?

So your appearance really matters, most of the thinker can find, are you on top or bottom.

Top or bottom quiz lgbt, lesbian

For getting the answer for Lgbt that you are on top or bottom take the quiz and get your perfect answer.

Am I Top or Bottom Quiz for Girls and Boys

Top and bottom are terms often used within the LGBTQ+ community to describe one's role in a sexual encounter or relationship. A top is typically the person who takes a more dominant and penetrative role, while a bottom is the person who is more submissive and receptive. These roles can be fluid and not necessarily indicative of one's overall personality or identity.

It is important to note that these terms are often used in the context of anal intercourse, but can also be applied to other forms of sexual activity. Additionally, The use of these terms can also be controversial within the community, as they may perpetuate harmful stereotypes and reinforce traditional gender roles.

Despite this, the terms top and bottom are still commonly used within the LGBTQ+ community and can serve as a means of communication and self-identification for some individuals. It is important to remember that everyone's experience and understanding of these roles can be different, and it is crucial to have open and honest communication with partners about desires and boundaries.

In modern times, the terms top and bottom have been adopted and reinterpreted within the LGBTQ+ community. For some individuals, the role they take on may be based on personal preference, physical abilities, or their understanding of their own identity. Some people may identify as a top or a bottom exclusively, while others may switch between the two roles depending on the situation or their partner.

There are many stereotypes and myths surrounding the roles of top and bottom, with some people assuming that tops are more masculine or dominant, and bottoms are more feminine or submissive. However, these assumptions are not necessarily true and can be harmful in perpetuating harmful gender roles and stereotypes.

Top or Bottom Quiz Explanation 

One of the most common myths about tops is that they are always the more dominant and aggressive partner. This is not necessarily true, as some tops may prefer a more gentle and loving approach, while others may be more dominant and assertive. Similarly, bottoms are often assumed to be submissive and passive, but this is not always the case. Some bottoms may take a more dominant role in other aspects of their lives or relationships and may enjoy the power dynamics of being a bottom during sexual encounters. Another myth surrounding the top and bottom dynamic is that one's sexual role is indicative

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You May Get Result Of Top Or Bottom? Quiz Ultimate Accurate Test

You can switch. You can start off as a bottom and feel like a top later. This is super-normal and it can be fun.Its indeed a splendid experience.
You can switch. You can start off as a bottom and feel like a top later. This is super-normal and it can be fun.Its indeed a splendid experience.
You generally want to be on bottom, You are meek and you wish to be dominated by others. But you too have fun at the bottom.
You want to be on Top, You want to do things in your own way. So, it is better you cuddle affectionately your beloved the way you wish.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Imagine yourself with a sexy partner, who would be on top or bottom?

I am on bottom
I am on top
I am on top pinning their arms down

If you masturbate what do you think?

About Hot person giving me oral
I think about giving oral to a sexy person while they moan
I think about talking dirty while giving oral and pleasuring my partner with my hands

Which is perfect place to have sex?

Anywhere where my lover wants
Neither my bedroom nor their

What would you want your partner to wear to bed?


What do you want your partner to say?

"I love you! More! Please!"
"Ah! Please, please, more. Oh my God I love you please please"
You are so good

If you want to be on top, why would you want?

I want to change things
My lover said so
That's how I like it

If you were on bottom, why would you want to be

I want my hands free
I love having my partner on top
I want to see if I like it or a change

Would you like to top?


Would you be on bottom?


What turns you on?

My lover doing whatever he wants
Amazing sex
Being pleasured through kinky methods

You and your partner are having an ice cream

I initiate hot ice cream
They have the first lick
I have the first lick of the cone

You and your partner cuddle, and:

I want to get as close as possible
I take my partner in arms
I will fall asleep

Is your personality different from bedroom?

Yes, I am compliant
I am meeker
Yes, I am demanding

What do you think is hot?

Being surprised by rough kiss
Being surprised by passionate kiss
Satisfying kiss

What describes you the best?

A generally kinky top
Vanilla Top
Vanilla Bottom

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Top Or Bottom? Quiz Ultimate Accurate Test : Test Trivia

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