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Chemical Reactions Quiz

Chemical Reactions Quiz

You must be familiar with the word Chemical reaction during your studies. When we hear a word Chemical reaction, what comes first in our minds? Obviously that some of the chemicals are reacting together and forming another product. We experience chemical reaction around us every day but sometimes we don’t recognize it. The reason behind this is that some reactions are quicker and easy to observe, however some reactions take time longer than expected. For example, fire, respiration and cooking all includes chemical reaction. Even when we eat food, certain chemical reactions occur inside our body to break down our food molecules and in result of that energy transferred to our body to utilize it for doing daily life chores. Not every physical change is termed as chemical reaction. For example, when ice melts into water, it only changes its state. In chemical terms, it’s still water. The Chemical reaction is usually identified due to some indicators like emission of heat and light, the color change, the formation of different precipitate, a particular smell or gas evolution. The chemical reaction obeys the nature law of mass conservation. The chemical reaction occurs when particle collide with each other with enough energy. The molecules rearrange themselves into new molecular structure to form another substance. Many of the reactions occur by itself like rusting, when oxygen in the air comes in contact with the iron, they start making iron oxide. But the process is too slow to see with a naked eye. However other reactions need external force in the form of heat or other catalyst to undergo chemical change. Now, take a quick quiz to challenge your knowledge on this topic.

Chemical Reactions Quiz Test.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which one of the following represents a physical change?

iron rusting
paper burning
water freezing
dynamite exploding

You can tell a chemical reaction because it always produces …

a different substance
a change of state

To balance a chemical equation, you should change only the…

chemical formulas
location of the arrow

If iron combines with oxygen to make iron oxide, the reactants are…

iron oxide
iron and iron oxide
iron and oxygen
oxygen and iron oxide

How many carbon atoms are there in C12H22O11?


How many oxygen atoms are in the product of this equation: 2H2 + O2 --> 2H2O


Which one of the following is a chemical equation?

Ice + heat --> water
iron + oxygen --> rust
C + O2 --> CO2

Balance the following equation: Ag + O2 --> Ag2O

Put a 2 in front of Ag
Add a subscript 2 to the end of Ag2O
Add a 4 in front of Ag and a 2 in front of Ag2O
Add a 2 in front of Ag and a 1 in front of Ag2O

In a chemical equation, the arrow means what?

A reaction is happening.
The two sides are equal.
The products flow into reactants.
The equation is balanced.

The reactants include 7 grams of C and 4 grams of O. What is the total amount of C and O in the products?

7 grams
4 grams
11 grams

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Chemical Reactions Quiz : Test Trivia

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