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How long can you keep a secret? Quiz

How long can you keep a secret? Quiz

Not many people can keep secret for long time, what about you? This is a fun quiz that will reveal can you keep your mouth shut. --- -------- ------ How Long Can You Keep A Secret? Not very many people can keep a secret for long. What about you? This fun personality quiz will reveal if you are one of the ones who can keep their mouths shut! We humans all have secrets, but not all of us can keep them safe. By taking this quiz you\'ll know if you can keep a secret. Well then, good luck to you! CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET. Surely, not all of us can. But by taking this awesome quiz you will realize if you can truly do it. So then are you ready to face the truth?! Is anything in the world more enticing than a juicy secret? Knowing a thing no one else knows can set your pulse racing. You\'re in an exclusive club, you\'re unique and special in a way few other people are. But the problem is, sometimes it\'s just too much to bear. What\'s the point of having this super-interesting, super-exciting knowledge if no one else can know it? It\'s like that old riddle about a tree falling in the woods. If a secret exists inside your head and no one else knows it, is it even worth keeping? Keeping a secret is as easy as breathing for some people, and as hard as breathing underwater for others. It\'s a matter of trust and responsibility, and knowing when you need to keep something to yourself, and when you need to let it all out. After all, some secrets shouldn\'t be kept, right? And others should never, ever be shared. The test is whether you know the difference and how well you manage that information. So, do you think we can guess how long you can hold a juicy little tidbit? Just answer a few questions, no secrets required, and we\'ll let you know exactly how secure a secret is with you!

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You May Get Result Of How long can you keep a secret? Quiz

When you are that means you are not at all a secretive person. You are bad at keeping them. Sometimes you spill beans to make yourself look knowlgeable.
When you are that means you are not at all a secretive person. You are bad at keeping them. Sometimes you spill beans to make yourself look knowlgeable.
minute, you are not best at keeping secrets , but at least you try as long as you can. Eventually you loose lips and spill the beans
To keep secrets for a long time. You are a hidden treasure for many friends.

Quiz Questions And Answers

How many secrets do you have?

No one
One or two
Everything about me is secret

Would you tell someone, if someone is doing illegal?


If your friend is plotting suicide, would you tell others?


Do you think lying is wrong?


If I won million what would I do

Tell everyone
Tell my close friends and family
Tell everyone I won money, but keep amount as secret

Does an employer has right to know about convict, who is completely reformed?

I am not sure

Does a spouse have right to know family secrets?

Most things are kept secret, few things can be shared

How does it feel to keep a secret?


How often do you update the pictures on your social media profile?

Couple of times in a year

If married, will you wear a wedding ring?

When I am not working

Have you any hidden sexual orientation?

Yes, its nobody business
When I was young

When you make a mistake, how do you feel?

Eager to learn from it

Do you have junk email account


How concerned are you about Internet security?

Not at all
Quiet a bit

Do you disclose your age?

If someone needs

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How long can you keep a secret? Quiz : Test Trivia

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