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Grade 8 Fluids

Grade 8 Fluids

Grade 8 fluids (density, viscoscity, buoyancy, hydraulics, pneumatics)

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Solids, gases and liquids
Gases and solids
Gases and liquids
Liquids and solids
Particles in fluids are slippery
Particles in fluids can move around each other
Particles in fluids have a coating
The particles in gas are more attracted to each other
The particles in gas are smaller
The particles in gas are farther apart
Denser than
Less dense than
Has the same density as
Farther apart than in
The same as in
Closer together than in
Thickness of a fluid
The attraction between the particles in a fluid
The spaces between the particles in a fluids
Hydraulics uses water, pneumatics uses a gas
Hydraulics uses a liquid, pneumatics uses a gas
Hydraulics uses a gas, pneumatics uses a liquid
Hydraulics uses a liquid, pneumatics uses a solid
Holding a heavy object up on land
Holding a heavy object in water
They're both the same, it depends on the arm

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Grade 8 Fluids : Test Trivia

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