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Test: Light And Optics

Test: Light And Optics

Sample multiple choice questions for light and optics unit.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Light that travels into the eye passes through several parts to get to the retina. The correct order is

Cornea, vitreous humour, lens, pupil
Lens, cornea, pupil, vitreous humour
Cornea, lens, pupil, vitreous humour
Pupil, cornea, lens, vitreous humour
Cornea, pupil, lens, vitreous humour

A object is placed between f and 2f for a diverging lens. The image will be located

Between f and 2f
Between the lens and f
Farther than 2f
A or B
There is insufficient information to answer the question.

For a converging lens, a light ray that is travelling parallel to the principal axis refracts

Through the principal focus
Through the secondary focus
Through the optical centre
Parallel to the principal axis
In line with the principal focus

Light travels from medium X into medium Y. Medium Y has a higher index of refraction. Consider each statement below:(i) The light travels faster in X. (ii) The light will bend to

(iii) and (iv)
(i) and (ii)
(ii), (iii), and (iv)

When a light ray travelling in glass is incident on an air surface,

It will refract away from the normal
Some of the light may be reflected
All of the light may be reflected
All of A, B, and C
Two of A, B, and C

The critical angle of zircon is 31°. Which of the following incident angles would result in total internal reflection?

A and C
B and C

Calculate the index of refraction for an object in which light travels at 1.97 x 108 m/s.

1.97 m/s
0.66 m/s
1.52 m/s

The critical angle for diamond (n = 2.42) submerged in water (n = 1.33) is

Does not exist

A light ray has an angle of incidence of 34º. The reflected ray will make what angle with the reflecting surface?


A survivor from a ship wreck sees an image of a fish in the water. To catch it with her spear, she must

Aim above the image of the fish
Aim below the image of the fish
Aim at the image of the fish
Aim behind the fish
Put away the spear and use a fishing rod

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Test: Light And Optics : Test Trivia

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