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Magnetic field quiz

Magnetic field quiz

Topic Quiz on Magnetic Fields

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Electric Currents
Charged electric particles
Earth's atmosphere
like a bar magnet
cancels out to zero.
All electric currents make magnetic fields.
It is impossible to have a magnetic field without an electric current flowing in a wire.
The direction of the force on an electric current carrying wire in a magnetic field is determined by Fleming's Left Hand
The direction of the field made by a single wire carrying a current is determined by the corkscrew, or screwdriver rule
The value of the charge
The direction of the magnetic field
Mass of the particle
The strength of the magnetic field
The concentration of magnetic field lines.
The total number of field lines.
The total number of field lines multiplied by the number of turns of wire.
The rate at which field lines are cut.
A steady magnetic field will induce a steady emf
Only a moving magnetic field will induce an emf.
A changing flux linkage always induces a current in a wire.
If there is a circuit, the induced current has a direction that opposes the change.

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