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Frequency Quiz | Frequency Physics Quiz

Frequency Quiz | Frequency Physics Quiz

Frequency Quiz | Frequency Physics Quiz, Usually frequency is expressed in the hertz unit, named in honour of the 19th-century German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, one hertz being equal to one cycle per second

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Quiz Questions And Answers

A long wavelength means:

Low frequency
High frequency

If the amplitude is greater the note is:


Water waves are... [Frequency Quiz | Frequency Physics Quiz]

transverse waves.
longitudinal waves.
both transverse and longitudinal.
sound waves.

You hear a _________ frequency as a source moves towards you, and a _________ frequency when the source moves away from you. [Frequency Quiz | Frequency Physics Quiz]

. Higher, lower
Lower, higher
Bigger, smaller
Louder, softer

Why is it sometimes easier to use a frequency table to interpret data than to examine a distribution of raw scores? [Frequency Quiz | Frequency Physics Quiz]

A frequency table transforms the raw scores by showing the means.
Frequency tables display patterns, organizing the data by how often each score occurs.
Raw scores are not based on the sample.
Raw scores do not represent the data.

What is the speed of sound in air? [Frequency Quiz | Frequency Physics Quiz]

343 m/s
353 m/s

In comparing frequency tables with grouped frequency tables for the same set of data, which of the following would be true? [Frequency Quiz | Frequency Physics Quiz]

Depending on the width of class intervals it is possible that some scores may not be counted in a grouped frequency ta
If the data set is large the grouped frequency table would be easier to decipher.
Because of overlapping class intervals, the total frequency for a grouped frequency table would exceed that of a fre tab

A bar graph is usually used with __________ data while a histogram is used with _________ data. [Frequency Quiz | Frequency Physics Quiz]

Interval; nominal
Ratio; scale
Nominal; scale
Nominal; ordinal

A normal distribution is: [Frequency Quiz | Frequency Physics Quiz]

Bell-shaped, symmetric, and unimodal.

A distribution containing a few extremely small values is likely to create a distribution that is: [Frequency Quiz | Frequency Physics Quiz]

Negatively skewed.
Positively skewed.

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Frequency Quiz | Frequency Physics Quiz : Test Trivia

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