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Test Your Knowledge On Energy Quiz

Test Your Knowledge On Energy Quiz

Energy is described the potential that a physical system has to change. Energy can be transferred in between objects or get converted in form. Having. Energy is a quantitative property that can be transferred from objects to objects, can take forms but cannot be created or destroyed. This quiz will ask you some essential points of the topic, let\'s see how well do you know.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Coal is burned at a power plant
Gasoline is burned in a car engine
Charcoal is burned in a barbeque pit.
All of the above.
Rolling a bowling ball
Turning on a light bulb
Stretching a rubber band
Dropping a pencil
Lifted above earth's surface.
In motion.
At rest.
None of the above.
Both kinetic and potential.
Neither kinetic nor potential.
The energy of a compound that changes as its atoms are rearranged to form new compounds.
The total energy of the particles that make up an object.
The energy caused by an object's vibrations.
The energy of motion.
Thermal energy.
Mechanical energy
Kinetic energy.
Potential energy.
Some gets converted into sound energy and escapes into the surroundings.
Some gets converted into thermal energy and escapes into the surroundings.
Both A and B
When the surfaces of two objects rub against each other.
The ability to do work.

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Test Your Knowledge On Energy Quiz : Test Trivia

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