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Hogwarts Quiz: Which HP Character Is Your Long Lost Twin?

Hogwarts Quiz: Which HP Character Is Your Long Lost Twin?

Which Harry Potter character seems to be your long lost twin, take this quiz to know more.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Dumbeldore Army
Duelling Club
Madam Hooch
Rubeus Hagrid
Remus Lupin
Having a partner
Being able to talk anything
The Great Hall
The Kitchen
The Forbidden Forest
Levitating Gumballs
Flavor Beans
Fizzying Whizbee
Walk away
Bravely face them
Make it more dangerous
Fish and Chips
Teracle Tart
Shepherd Pie
Sense of Humor

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Hogwarts Quiz: Which HP Character Is Your Long Lost Twin? : Test Trivia

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