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Which Celebrity Duo Are You and Your Best Friend? Quiz

Which Celebrity Duo Are You and Your Best Friend? Quiz

Know your friends!! Which celebrity duo are you and your best friend?. Which celebrity duo are you and your best friend? Realize your pals!! Which celebrity duo are you and your best friend? We\'ve all been given a fine friend, or, in case you\'re lucky, you have some. It may once in a while be hard to sum up precisely how superb your dating with this other individual is, so it is useful to have some examples to base it on. You and your nice buddy(s) can probably be compared to a number of the following well-known duos or, ideally, to them all. If now not, get crackin\' because you have got some #friendship goals to fulfill. Spongebob and Patrick, "Spongebob Squarepants" The Patrick on your Spongebob likes to play with jellyfish, annoy Squidward, consume ice cream, tan, devour at the Krusty Krab, and binge-watch "Mermaid guy and Barnacle Boy" with you. A real pal. Shawn and Gus, "Psych" The Gus on your Shawn has been there seeing that day one. They\'re constantly down to help you pretend to be a psychic so you can resolve crimes for the police department. Leslie and Ann, "Parks and exercise" The Ann on your Leslie tells you what you want to hear. They do anything it takes to help you flip a pit into a park. They will force you to go to your private home at four a.M. To talk to you. Mike and Sulley, "Monsters Inc." The Mike on your Sulley will do whatever it takes to help you, together with supporting you break that scare report. They love you unconditionally, even if you harbor an escaped, fantastically poisonous human child that threatens the very world you stay in and results in your eventual banishment, near loss of life, and destruction of the corporation you work at. Blair and Serena, "Gossip lady" Serena for your Blair has seen you at your worst and your fine and has been jealous of how accurate you appear. They were through lots of crap with you, but, no matter what, they\'re constantly all the way down to gallivant round ny in clothier garb and take posed photos in the front of fountains. Drake and Josh, "Drake and Josh" The Josh in your Drake loves hugs, and even though they had been to begin with quite weird and favored magic and stuff, you couldn\'t make it through the day without them. Woody and Buzz, "Toy story" The excitement to your Woody is a kind and loyal friend, even though initially you conceive that the human that controls you will decide upon them over you. Harry and Ron, "Harry Potter" The Ron on your Harry might sacrifice themselves in a recreation of magical chess for you. They could follow the spiders for you. They might steal a flying vehicle for you. They might be dragged by way of a dog beneath a lethal and enchanted tree for you. They would be the component you\'ll omit the most and might have to rescue from a lake. They might leap into freezing water to keep your existence. Jerry and George, "Seinfeld" The George in your Jerry lovingly puts up with your nonsense and weirdness and has been doing so for far, way too lengthy. Meredith and Christina, "grey\'s Anatomy" The Christina to your Meredith is your person. If you murdered a person, you\'ll call them and that will help you drag the body throughout the floor. Ted and Marshall, "How I Met Your mom" The Marshall on your Ted is constantly up for spontaneous road journeys. They\'re the handiest character you may spend an extended time period with in a automobile being attentive to the equal song on repeat. They would walk 500 miles for you. After which they could stroll 500 greater. Joey and Chandler, "pals" The Joey for your Chandler will take a seat pensively in a wood canoe and stare at nothing for a long time. They may purchase steeply-priced chairs and watch tv for three days immediately without saying a good deal, however the silence is always comfy and amazing. Could co-own a duck or a chook with you any day. Tina and Amy, "life" The Amy in your Tina is your sister from every other mister. Friendship dreams. It\'s all I really want to mention right here.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

How long have you been friends?

Over a decade
A few months
It's been a few years
A week

Do you rely on each other for your decisions?

Not much
Of course

What's your best friends favorite sport?

Hates it

Do your plans involve each other?

Why would it

Do you know her secrets?

Haha all of them
Not much
Only a few

Do you make silly promises?

We are practical

Have you guys ever been caught in a life threatening situation?


Do you often discuss your future plans?

All day

Are you like family?


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Which Celebrity Duo Are You and Your Best Friend? Quiz : Test Trivia

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