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DNA sequencing Quiz Biology

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DNA sequencing Quiz Biology
DNA sequencing is the process of determining the nucleic acid sequence – the order of nucleotides in DNA. It includes any method or technology that is used to determine the order of the four bases: adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine
technique used to determine the sugar sequence in a DNA molecule
technique used to determine the phosphate sequence in a DNA molecule
technique used to determine the base sequence in a DNA molecule
All of these
Maxam-Gilbert method
Edmans method
Automated sequencing
polynucleotide kinase
alkaline phosphatase
terminal nucleotidylbic
formic acid
Dimethyl sulphate
Packaged phage
Unpackaged phage
Packaged and unpackaged phage
Packaged and unpackaged phage are used but unpackaged phage is favored
Naked DNA
Plasmid and naked DNA
Plasmid is preferred over naked DNA
Protein chain
Use of chemicals for base specifc ceavage
Use of dNTPs for chain termnaton
Use of ddN TPs for chain termnation
Use of for 32P chan termination
Sanger's method
Sanger's method and LMPCR
ILMPOR and automated DNA sequending
ddNTPS are used for chain termination
PCR is used for making sequencing templaie
Fluorescently labelled dNTPs are used for chaln termination

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