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Twilight Quiz Test | How much you know about Twilight Cullen family? Quiz

Twilight Quiz Test | How much you know about Twilight Cullen family? Quiz

Twilight's Cullen Family deets. The Twilight movie series is one of the most epic Sagas, which surely you have seen. The Cullen family is introduced in this Saga. The Olympic coven, popularly known as Cullen family or the Cullen Clan are the vampires who do not feed on Human Blood. The name Cullen was originated from the family founder, Carlisle Cullen. The Cullens are the vampires who entirely feed from the vegetables and animal blood. Carlisle Cullen was born in 1640s to a pastor father. His physical age is only 23. He only bitten his family while they were human to save their lives and vow not to feed on human’s blood. Esme is the matriarch of the family and wife of Carlisle Cullen. The Cullen family members include Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Emmett, and Edward, Rosalie and Jasper Hale. Later, the Bella swan is added in Cullen clan after marrying Edward Cullen. Together, this couple has a daughter Renesmee Cullen. The Cullens are the most mature and stable coven than the others. It ranks second most powerful coven. Only the Volturi ranks higher than Cullens. The Cullens prefer to stay in one place and together. They do not age with respect to time. For this reasons, they have to move on from one place to another before anyone notice this pattern of lack of aging. They only choose cloudy environment so that they can go outside without being noticed. Every Cullen has its own supernatural abilities. Refraining from human blood and no hunger of power has strengthened their family bonds. They are known to be loyal to their clan. The Cullens family encountered with many clans but never met with the one that share the same aspect to feed on vegetables and animal blood. Let’s take a quick quiz to find out more.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What catches Edwards eye about Bella?

He can’t read her mind
She smells horrible to him
She has the same name as his mother
He can read her mind

What did they tell the townsfolk to keep them from getting too suspicious of their perpetually young, perpetually chic—and admittedly unconventional—family?

That they are a band of traveling circus performers
That Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme took the kids in as foster children
That they are unrelated children of a past marriage
That Carlisle is not really a doctor but a crazy scientist

Which of the following pairs are true couples?

Rosalie and Jasper
Rosalie and Alice
Rosalie and Emmet
Alice and Emmet

What do Edward and Bella win?

Extra Credit
A mini microscope
A laminated turnip
A golden onion

In the first film of the Twilight series, what color BMW do the Cullen siblings arrive to school in?


What will happen if Edward wanders into a break in the clouds?

He will burst into flames
His skin sparkles like a million diamonds
He will melt into a puddle of water
His skin glows like the full moon

What kind of cuisine is it that they make to make her feel welcome?

Hamburgers—the redder the better
A salad with vegetables they grew themselves
Italian food, because she calls herself “Bella”

What are the circumstances under which they are able to play baseball?

Only when it is raining
Only during the full moon
Only during a thunder storm
On the summer equinox

What is Alice's special ability?

She can control minds
She can make others feel pain
She can see the future
She can make time stop

Which of the Cullen family progeny did Carlisle turn into a Vampire first?


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Twilight Quiz Test | How much you know about Twilight Cullen family? Quiz : Test Trivia

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