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Anatomy Quiz Biology

Anatomy Quiz Biology

the branch of science concerned with the bodily structure of humans, animals, and other living organisms, especially as revealed by dissection and the separation of parts. Preparing for your anatomy test in the same format you’re going to be tested with is a great way to improve your confidence. For students of anatomy, that format is likely to be an anatomy quiz.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Physical and chemical changes or reactions that occur within the body are collectively known as


Which of the following lists best illustrates the idea of increasing levels of complexity?

Cells, tissues, organelles, organs, systems
Tissues, cells, organs, organelles, systems
Organs, organelles, systems, cells, tissues
Organelles, cells, tissues, organs, systems

Homeostasis is defined as the

Ability of human beings to keep body weight within normal limits
Maintenance of a constant external temperature inside a room
Ingestion of enough food to keep hunger pains from developing
Tendency of the body to maintain a stable environment

How is oxygen used by living organisms?

It controls the amount of heat produced
Its a source of energy
It is used to release energy that is stored in food
It is part of water and is necessary to keep organisms hydrated

Which of the following organs is located in the abdominopelvic cavity?

Thymus gland

The membrane on the surface of a lung is called the

Visceral pleura
Parietal pleura
Visceral pericardium
Parietal pericardium

A section that separates the body in to right and left portions would be the

Frontal section
Transverse section
Coronal section
Sagittal section

The thoracic cavity lies where in relationship to the abdominopelvic cavity?

Dorsal (posterior)
Ventral (anterior)

When the body is placed in the anatomical position, which of the following is not true?

The face is forward
The arms are at the sides
The palms are facing backward
The body is erect

A mechanism functioning to maintain a stable internal environment is most likely to involve

Positive feedback
Negative feedback
A vicious circle
None of the above

A parietal membrane __________, where as a visceral membrane ______________.

Covers organs; lines cavities
Lines cavities; covers organs
Is thick; is thin
Secretes mucous;secretes serous fluid

The diaphragm separates the thoracic and the abdominopelvic cavities.


The elbow is distal to the wrist.


A decomposition reaction can be symbolized by

A+B --> C+D
A+B -->AB

Electrolytes are substances that

Form covalent bonds with water
Ionize when dissolved in water
Cannot conduct electricity in solution
Are not found in the human body in any appreciable amounts.

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Anatomy Quiz Biology : Test Trivia

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