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Test your ultimate marvel netflix series knowledge here!! (PART 3)

Test your ultimate marvel netflix series knowledge here!! (PART 3)

Are your into Superhero Flicks? If yes, then it’s sure that you love Marvel comics. Marvel as we know, is the one of the most successful studio in the business right now. The marvel’s comic success has led to number of movies that are commercially blockbusters. These success has opened a path for several TV shows and series. Marvel joined hands with the Netflix, which is the largest streaming platform on the internet today, to expand its comic universe to the internet race. Out of that, one of the most famous one is Marvel Netflix series comprising of six series named Daredevil (2015–2018), Jessica Jones (2015–2019), Luke Cage (2016–2018), Iron Fist (2017–2018), The Defenders (2017), The Punisher (2017–2019). There is a range of audience of TV series and Superhero TV was fun, for sure. In the very first series Daredevil, a blind lawyer by day fights the crime on the streets of New York with his own judgment. It has 3 seasons. In Jessica jones, the former superhero taking a job to investigate crimes in New York with his abilities. It also has 3 seasons. In Luke cage, the only 1 season, tells the story of Luke cage to deal with the situations that led him to fight a battle for city. In Iron fist, the TV super hero has a special ability in the form of iron fist comprising of 2 seasons. The defenders season is set after the events of daredevil and iron fist. The TV superheroes joined hands to fight the crimes. In the punisher season, there is a story of a man avenging the death of his family. It’s time to get back to quiz and enhance your knowledge about the series.

Ultimate Marvel Netflix quiz PART 3

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What did Colleen Wing turn to in order to make money to keep her dojo open?

Cage Fighting
Street Fighting

What did Luke Cage say after he and Jessica Jones had sex for the first time?

Good golly Miss Molly!'
Oh. My. God.'
Sweet Christmas!'
Holy Moses!'

What is Luke Cage's real name?

Carl Lucas
Luke Lucas
Cal Lukes
Lucas Carlson

What is Cornell Stokes' nickname (that he hates)?

Black Mamba

Name the low-level criminal who appears in nearly all the Marvel Netflix shows.

Matches Malone

Which company made Diamondback's battle suit in Luke Cage season 1?

Stark Industries
Queen Consolidated
Hammer Industries

Why did Wilson Fisk manipulate Frank Castle when they were in prison together?

He wanted Frank to take the fall for his crimes
It helped him become Kingpin of the prison
He wanted to convince Frank to kill Daredevil on the outside
Fisk needed protection against rival gangs

What was the TV show called that Trish Walker starred in as a child?

It's Patsy
The Girlie Show
Days Of Our Lives
Wake Up With Patsy

Kilgrave mind-controlled Jessica and forced her to murder Reva Connors, who she later found out was Luke Cage's...?


Who did Jeri Hogarth decide to hire to deal with any legal cases involving vigilantes?

Everett Ross
Jennifer Walters
Matt Murdock
Foggy Nelson

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Test your ultimate marvel netflix series knowledge here!! (PART 3) : Test Trivia

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