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Quiz: Red Tails movie.

Quiz: Red Tails movie.

This quiz let us know about Red Tails movie. Such as information about film genre, director, producer, cast-crew, movie plot, length. Other interesting events of the film like review rating, budget, production, etc.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which kind of movie Red Tails is?

comedy film
war film
action film

Which year Red Tails movie released?


Who is the director of this film?

Alan Mandis
Luise Castro
Anthony Hemingway

Who is one of the producers of this film?

Shane Alfred
Rick McCallum
Tonny Macman

Who acted as Col. A.J. Bullard in this film?

Alex Marshal
Terrence Howard
Tarence Flayer

Who acted as Major Emanuel Stance in this film?

Cuba Gooding Jr.
David Oyelowo
Tristan Wilds

In this film, Ray Gun is shot down and captured by a ................. patrol.


Who did the music for this film?

Terence Blanchard
Jonathon Franklin
Jimmy MacKay

Who is the cinematographer of this film?

Frank Mullar
John Aronson
Liam Bolt

Who is the editor of this film?

Michael O'Halloran
Ben Burtt
Both of them

Red Tails movie distributed by-

Paramount Pictures
20th Century Fox
Universal Pictures

What is the total duration of this film?

121 minutes
99 minutes
103 minutes

What is the total budget of this film?

$66 million
$58 million
$39 million

What is the IMDb rating of this film?


What is the total box office earning of this film?

$36.5 million
$42 million
$50.4 million

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Quiz: Red Tails movie. : Test Trivia

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