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How much you know about "Orange is the new Black"?

How much you know about

Orange is the new Black series

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Quiz Questions And Answers

How long was Piper Chapman's sentence at Litchfield Penitentiary?

6 months
15 months
2 years
1 year

Piper is serving her sentence for transporting a suitcase full of drug money while dating her ex and future fellow inmate. Who is that?

Lorna Muccio
Maritza Ramos
Alex Vause
Nicky Nichols

There’s more to meet the eye with“Crazy Eyes!"What’s her real name?

Bridgette Smith
Regina Jones
Suzanne Warren

Being sent to“the SHU"is the worst form of punishment. But, what is it?

Solitary confinement
Manual labor
Bathroom duty

Which inmate would you most like to share a cell with?

Crazy Eyes
Big Boo

After Piper offended Red about her cooking, what did Red include as a “surprise” in her next sandwich?

Live baby mouse
Used tampon
Wet loogie

Poussey Washington speaks three languages. Which is NOT one of them?


Sophia Burset is the most stylish inmate at Litchfield. What’s she in for?

Credit card fraud
Sexual harrassment

The inmate known as,“Red,"has a hard-to-pronounce real name. What's she called?

Vladimira Onazenova
Galina Reznikov
Mariya Tetrikova

Prison can be a strain on any relationship. Larry decided to leave Piper because he fell in love with whom?

Her best friend, Polly
Her brother, Cal
Her cousin, Shonna

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How much you know about "Orange is the new Black"? : Test Trivia

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