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Which Vampire Diaries Character Are You? Quiz

Which Vampire Diaries Character Are You? Quiz

Which Vampire Diaries Character Are You?: Vampie Diaries Quiz, On her first day at high school, Elena meets Stefan and immediately feels a connection with him. However, what she doesn't know is that Stefan and his brother, Damon, are in fact vampires.Do you think you know enough of Vampire Diaries? Take this quiz and find out your knowledge about vampire diaries.

Which Vampire Diaries Character Are You?


Here is a list of some of the main characters in "The Vampire Diaries" and a brief description of each:

Elena Gilbert Vampire Diaries Character - A teenage girl who becomes involved with the Salvatore brothers and eventually discovers that she is a doppelgänger, a person with a unique destiny in the supernatural world.

Stefan Salvatore Vampire Diaries Character - A vampire who was turned in the 19th century and falls in love with Elena. He is known for his compassion and self-control, but also has a dark side that he struggles to keep in check.

Damon Salvatore Vampire Diaries Character- Stefan's older brother, who was also turned into a vampire in the 19th century. Damon is impulsive, sarcastic, and often violent, but has a soft spot for Elena and eventually becomes one of the main protectors of Mystic Falls.

Bonnie Bennett Vampire Diaries Character - A witch who is best friends with Elena and serves as the anchor for the supernatural world in Mystic Falls. She is strong-willed and independent, and often uses her powers to help her friends.

Caroline Forbes Vampire Diaries Character - A former human who becomes a vampire and is best friends with Elena. She is known for her sarcastic sense of humor and her determination to survive in the supernatural world.

Tyler Lockwood Vampire Diaries Character - A former human who becomes a werewolf and is a member of the Lockwood family, one of the town's most influential families. He is initially portrayed as the town's resident bad boy, but eventually matures and becomes a valuable ally to the main characters.

Matt Donovan Vampire Diaries Character - Elena's best friend and a former human who is not involved in the supernatural world. He is a kind and loyal friend, but often finds himself in danger due to his proximity to the supernatural events in Mystic Falls.

Katherine Pierce Vampire Diaries Character - A vampire who was a main antagonist in the series and has a history with the Salvatore brothers. She is cunning and manipulative, and is often at odds with the main characters.

These are just a few of the many interesting and complex characters in "The Vampire Diaries." The show explores the relationships and motivations of these characters as they navigate the supernatural world of Mystic Falls and the challenges that come with being a vampire, witch, or werewolf.

Vampire Diaries Quiz: who are you

"The Vampire Diaries" is a popular supernatural drama television series that aired on The CW network from 2009 to 2017. The show is based on a book series of the same name by L.J. Smith, and follows the story of a teenage girl named Elena Gilbert, who becomes involved with two vampire brothers, Stefan and Damon Salvatore, as they navigate their supernatural lives in the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia.

Throughout the series, the main characters face a variety of supernatural challenges, including vampires, werewolves, witches, and other creatures, as they struggle to maintain relationships, protect their loved ones, and come to terms with their own inner demons. The series also explores themes of love, loss, sacrifice, and the consequences of power.

"The Vampire Diaries" was well-received by audiences and critics alike, and developed a large and dedicated fan base over the course of its eight-season run. The show remains popular in reruns and is considered a classic of the supernatural drama genre.

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Bonnie Bennett Vampire Diaries Character
Stefan Salvatore Vampire Diaries Character
Damon Salvatore Vampire Diaries Character
Elena Gilbert Vampire Diaries Character 

Quiz Questions And Answers

Name this character:

Which Vampire Diaries Character Are You? Quiz: Name this character:
Elena Gilbert
Bonnie Bennett
Vicki Donovan
Caroline Forbes

How many seasons of The Vampire Diaries are there?


What is the name of the town that The Vampire Diaries is located in?

Mystic Cave
Mystic Lands
Mystic Falls
The Secret Haven

What season does Elena fully transform into a vampire?

Season 2
Season 1
Season 4
Season 3

What is the Brotherhood of the Five?

Group of Hybrids
Group of Vampires
Group of Vampire Hunters
Group of Werewolves

What causes Elena’s hallucinations that almost makes her to take her own life?

Eating Vervain
Not feeding
Killing one of "The five"
Killing Stefan

How do Elena and Jeremy’s parents die at the beginning of the series?

Car Accident
House Fire

Who is Elena’s life linked to by the end of Season 6?


Name this character:

Which Vampire Diaries Character Are You? Quiz: Name this character:
Enzo St. John

When and why do Damon and Bonnie become friends?


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Which Vampire Diaries Character Are You? Quiz : Test Trivia

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