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How well you know of Michelle Pfeiffer?

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How well you know of Michelle Pfeiffer?
Let us check your updated knowledge for how much you know your favourite actress Michelle and her professional records.
Annette Bening
Amanda Bynes
America Ferrera
Amber Rose
Callie & Son
Batman Returns
Grease 2
The Fabulous Baker Boys
Santa Monica College
The Beverly Hills Playhouse
San Jose State University
Santa Monica College
Grocery Store
Departmental Store
Clothing Store
Charlie Riley
Heath Ledger
David E. Kelley
Peter Horton
April 20
September 5
March 14
April 29
1.11 m
1.22 m
1.54 m
1.71 m
Michelle Latty Pfeiffer
Michelle Mary Pfeiffer
Michelle Katie Pfeiffer
Michelle Marie Pfeiffer

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