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Test your knowledge about Amy Poehler

Test your knowledge about Amy Poehler

Let us check your updated knowledge for how much you know your favourite actress Amy and her professional records.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What is the birth name of Amy Poehler?

Amy Meredith Poehler
Amy Mere Poehler
Amy Gary Poehler
Amy Eileen Poehler

What is Amy Pehler height?

1.50 m
1.53 m
1.55 m
1.57 m

What is Amy nickname?

Cattty Amy
Cool Cat

What is Amy Poehler birth date?

September 17
September 11
September 29
September 19

What is Amy Poehler star sign?


What is the name of Amy Poehler last spouse?

Jimmy Fallon
Will Arnett
Morgan Freeman
Ian Allen

For the work in Baby Mama which of the award Amy Poehler won?

Primetime Emmy Awards
People's Choice Awards
MTV Movie Awards
Prism Awards

Which is Amy Poehler favorite baseball team?

New York Yankess
Chicago Cubs
Boston Red Sox
Los Angeles Dodgers

In which movie Amy Poehler has played sister to her real-life husband?

Blades of Glory
Baby Mama
Parks and Recreation
Saturday Night Love

What was Amy Poehler earning from the series Parks and Recreation?

$200,000 /episode
$2000 /episode
$20,000 /episode
$200 /episode

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Test your knowledge about Amy Poehler : Test Trivia

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