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How well do you know about Risk Assessment

How well do you know about Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a term used to describe the overall process or method where you: Identify hazards and risk factors that have the potential to cause harm (hazard identification).

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Record your findings
Evaluate the risks
Identify the hazards
Decide who may be harmed
The Health and Safety Executive
A competent person
The manager
An employee
Full-time workers
People with disabilities
Risk assessment
Hazard identification
Hazard spotting
Developing risk matrices
Planning the processes required
Recording the risk assessment
More training in techniques
Training with relevance to the hazards to be controlled
Using generic tools and methodologies
Keeping the status quo
Defining a framework for monitoring
Risk-assessing a procedure but not the actual working practice
Using a team of people rather than an individual
Looking for long-term health hazards
Only specific items requiring attention need to be identified
It reduces engagement with the workforce
It reduces engagement with the workforce
There is no need for training in its use
The risks that can be most easily dealt with
High risks over lower risks
Longer-term solutions to problems
Checking processes
Reactive to identified problems
Very generic, covering a range of risks
A transfer of knowledge that is informative and engaging
Emphasis on the legal requirements for safety
Recording and reporting an accident
Making a rapid conclusion about the causes of the accident
Defending the company against the HSE
Identifying and evaluating indirect and underlying causes
Risk control
Management systems as a whole
Inspection of a workplace
Wide technical knowledge
Having a wide and in-depth legal knowledge
Softer management skills relating to planning, managing and monitoring
Risk assessments
When your workplace gets new equipment
When an employee leaves the business
After one year
When the HSE comes to visit you

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How well do you know about Risk Assessment : Test Trivia

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