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Things to do during a Cyclone|How well do you know about Cyclone

Cyclone, any large system of winds that circulates about a centre of low atmospheric pressure in a counterclockwise direction north of the Equator and in a clockwise direction to the south. Cyclonic winds move across nearly all regions of the Earth except the equatorial belt and are generally associated with rain or snow. Also occurring in much the same areas are anticyclones, wind systems that rotate about a high-pressure centre

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Air pressure goes nowhere
Air pressure always flows from areas of low pressure to areas of high pressure
Air pressure always flows from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure
Air Pressure is too fat to go anywhere.
The Coriolis Effect
The Trade Winds
The Walker Circulation
The winds go outwards and backwards in both high and low pressure systems.
The winds go inwards and upwards in a low pressure system
The winds always go the same way.
The winds go downwards and outwards in a low pressure system.
Anti Clockwise
Towards the Equator
They never go above 1013 hpa.
They are generally associated with very hot weather
Associated with unsettled weather, cloudy conditions, wind, cyclones and periods of rain.
Show lines of equal air pressure
Are not on weather maps
Are measured by an anenometer
The closer the lines, the stronger the wind
Fujita Scale
Unicorn Scale
Saffir Simpson Scale
Todd Simpson and Peter Saffir
Saffir Simpson
Simpson and Saffir Thompson
Weather Studiers
S5 and a unicorn
F5 and S3
5 and F4
S5 and an F5 (or an F6, which is mythical)*
Strong winds
Dust storms
Torrential rain
Floods or storm surges

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Things to do during a Cyclone|How well do you know about Cyclone : Test Trivia

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