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How much you know the winning facts of OSCAR?

How much you know the winning facts of OSCAR?


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Quiz Questions And Answers

The Jets and the Sharks can be found in which Oscar winning movie?

West Side Story
Slaughterhouse II
Happy Feet

In 1967 which film won best picture?

In the Heat of the Night
The Dark Knight

In Cat Ballou, what movie star won an Oscar for playing twin gunmen, one a drunk and the other with a metal nose?

Nicolas Cage
Morgan Freeman
Anne Hathaway
Lee Marvin

In 1985 William Hurt won best actor Oscar in what movie?

Into The Wild
Altered States
The Big Chill
The Kiss of the Spiderwoman

What movie has Leonardo di Caprio been nominated for besides What's Eating Gilbert Grape, and The Aviator?

Happy Feet
West Side Story
Into The Wild
Blood Diamond

Meryl Streep co-starred with which Oscar winning actor in Kramer Vs Kramer in 1979?

Charles Laughton
William Hurt
Dustin Hoffman
Josh Brolin

In 1973, what movie became the first horror film ever to be nominated for Best Film Oscar?

The Exorcist
The Thing
A Nightmare on Elm Street

Calamity Jane, a musical, has an Oscar-winning song, what is it?

The Deadwood Stage
Secret Love
I Can Do Without You
A Woman’s Touch

Who wrote the novel that L. A. Confidential, an Oscar-winning film, was based on?

J. K. Rowling
James Ellroy
Calamity Jane
Meryl Streep

Who won an Oscar for Network, posthumously?

Peter Finch
Paul Walker
Heath Ledger
Nicolas Cage

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How much you know the winning facts of OSCAR? : Test Trivia

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