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Quiz: The Happytime Murders movie.

Quiz: The Happytime Murders movie.

This quiz let us know about The Happytime Murders movie. Such as information about film genre, director, producer, cast-crew, movie plot, length. Other interesting events of the film like review rating, budget, production, etc.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which country released the movie The Happytime Murders?


Which year The Happytime Murders movie released?


Who is the director of this film?

Steve Leman
Brian Henson
Marshal brad

In this film, Phil Phillips was the ................ cop on the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

first robot
first puppet

The LAPD arrives and Phil meets with his former partner, Detective-

Tomas Nick
Danial Fred
Connie Edwards

Who acted as Special Agent Campbell in this film?

Michael McDonald
Joel McHale
Mitch Silpa

Who did the music for this film?

Christopher Lennertz
Leslie David Baker
Elizabeth Banks

Who played the role of Milligan in this film?

Hemky Madera
Ryan Gaul
Ben Falcone

Who is the cinematographer of this film?

Leslie David Baker
Mitchell Amundsen
Elizabeth Banks

Phil and Edwards race to ................ where Sandra is planning to escape with all the royalty money.

the airport
the hostel
the metro

Who is the editor of this film?

Ben Falcone
Brian Scott Olds
Todd Berger

The Happytime Murders movie distributed by-

Glory Films
Next Movies
STX Entertainment

What is the total duration of this film?

106 minutes
91 minutes
120 minutes

On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of ................. based on 229 reviews.


What is the total box office earning of this film?

$18 million
$45 million
$27.5 million

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Quiz: The Happytime Murders movie. : Test Trivia

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