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Which Type Of 'Real Housewife' Are You?

Which Type Of 'Real Housewife' Are You?

Real Housewives of something is a common name for the reality shows our times. Who would you be in one of these unbound reality shows of housewives. If you are looking for a quiz "Which Type Of 'Real Housewife' Are You?" then you are at right place, Here you can find the what type of house wife am I, Husband and wife are made for each other So if you want to see about your housewife type, play this quiz for fun.

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You May Get Result Of Which Type Of 'Real Housewife' Are You?

You have a close friend who often calms you down. You would rather loose it all than stay in a chaotic environment. You however lack the courage to live your life as you please
Nobody likes stepping on your toes. You have a quick wit and an equally quick mouth to put your attackers in their place. You value family and will do anything maintain the neat bonds
You know everybody's bad behavior and choose to stay away from drama. You often become the mediator because everybody sees the neutrality of your persona
You embody sophistication, femininity and intelligence. You are never caught up in cat fights and know how to maneuver your way through any sticky situation. You inspire your husband to treat you well

Quiz Questions And Answers

Does your husband/boyfriend travel a lot?


How many businesses do you own?

1 or 2

What's your idea of relaxing without the kids

Pool side relaxation
Traveling alone
Traveling with your husband

What does your husband do?

An entrepreneur
A white collar office job

Who visits you on holidays

Your husband's family
Your family
Nobody. I travel

Your husband keeps coming home past mid-night for several days in a row. What do you do?

Ignore him and cry
Question him
Hire a private detective

Would you prefer to have two separate master bedrooms?


Pick one

Public school
Home schooling
Private school

You come home tired from work

Cook while tired
Order a take out
Eat at restaurant

Pick one

Natural hair

Your friend ends a bad relationship. What do you do?

Go to her house and cook her meals for a day
Invite her out for lunch
Plan a girls' only getaway trip

Your clothing store burns down in flames. What do you do first?

Consult the insurance company immediately
Find out how the fire started
Set up another store

Pick a pet name for your husband/boyfriend


Pick out a gift for your husband

A day at the spa
Stadium game tickets

Dessert or dinner


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Which Type Of 'Real Housewife' Are You? : Test Trivia

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