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Solo: A Star Wars Story movie. Quiz

Solo: A Star Wars Story movie. Quiz

This quiz let us know about Solo: A Star Wars Story movie. Such as information about film genre, director, producer, cast-crew, movie plot, length. Other interesting events of the film like review rating, budget, production, etc. In a galaxy where hyperfuel is in high demand, Han Solo gets involved in a large-scale heist within the criminal underworld and meets individuals who change his life.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which year Solo: A Star Wars Story movie released?


Who is the director of this film?

Ron Howard
Kile Jervis
Raimond Faulkner

Who is one of the producers of this film?

Joonas Suotamo
Kathleen Kennedy
Paul Bettany

Solo: A Star Wars Story movie written by-

Jonathan Kasdan
Lawrence Kasdan
Both of them

Principal photography of the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story began in-

May 2013
January 2017
July 2011

Who gave the name "Solo" to Han in this film?

his teacher
his father
recruiting officer

In this film, ................. years later, Han has been expelled from the Imperial Flight Academy.


Who is the cinematographer of this film?

Jonathan Kasdan
Bradford Young
Lawrence Kasdan

Who is the editor of this film?

Pietro Scalia
George Lucas
Simon Emanuel

Who acted as Han Solo in this film?

Will Smith
Alden Ehrenreich
Mark Alfred

What is the total duration of this film?

99 minutes
105 minutes
135 minutes

In this film, Beckett reveals he was ordered to steal ................ for Dryden Vos.

the shipment
the magic jacket
the book

Who played the role of Tobias Beckett in this film?

Alden Ehrenreich
Woody Harrelson
Donald Glover

On review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, Solo has an approval rating of ................. based on 416 reviews.


What is the total box office earning of this film?

$242.3 million
$152.5 million
$392.9 million

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Solo: A Star Wars Story movie. Quiz : Test Trivia

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