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How much you know about Michael Caine?

How much you know about Michael Caine?

Let us check your updated knowledge for how much you know your favourite actor Michael and his professional records.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What is the birth name of Michael Caine?

Maurice Joseph Micklewhite
Miky Josh Caine
Michael Josh Caine
Michael Jayne Caine

What is the height of Michael Caine?

1.11 m
1.22 m
1.54 m
1.88 m

What is the birth date of Michael Caine?

April 20
April 10
March 14
April 28

What is the earning of Michael from Hurry Sundown?

$20,000 /week
$2,000,000 /week
$100,000 /week
$50,000 /week

What is the name of the spouse of Michael Caine?

Patricia Caine
Claire Caine
Shakira Caine
Persia Caine

From which movie Michael took his name?

The Dark Knight
The Italian Job
The Caine Mutiny
Billion Dollar Brain

When Michael was called up to do his national service?


For which work Caine won Detroit Film Critics Society Award in 2015 for Detroit Film Critics Society for Best Actor|Best Actor?

Hannah and Her Sisters
Last Orders
The Dark Knight

Which rank Michael achieved as the highest grossing actor of all time with his previous films grossing $3.2 billion [2016]?


To which political party Michael belongs to?

Co-operative Party
Labour Party
Conservative Party
Liberal Democratics

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How much you know about Michael Caine? : Test Trivia

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