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How well you know about America Ferrera?

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How well you know about America Ferrera?
Let us check your updated knowledge for how much you know your favourite actress America and her professional records.
America Georgine Ferrera
America George Ferra
Ammy Geroge Ferrera
America Ferrera
1.51 m
1.52 m
1.54 m
1.55 m
April 20
April 10
April 18 r
April 28
Ryan Piers Williams
Jude Law
Gary Oldman
Colin Firth
Michale Law
Sebastian Piers Williams
Ian Oldman
Anthony Flirth
Grand Father
Grand Mother
Betty Suarez
Natalie Flores
Graciela Morales
Astrid Hofferson
Best Actress
Creative Achievement Award
Choice TV: Breakout
Individual Achievement in Comedy

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