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Quiz Questions And Answers

What is the purpose of a meta description tag in SEO?

To define the main heading of a webpage
To specify the font style and size
To provide a brief summary of the webpage's content
To hide certain elements from search engines

Which of the following is considered a "black hat" SEO technique?

Guest blogging
Keyword stuffing
Responsive web design
Internal linking

Which HTTP status code indicates a "Page Not Found" error?

200 OK
404 Not Found
301 Moved Permanently
500 Internal Server Error

What is the purpose of alt text in SEO?

To display alternative images when the original image fails to load
To improve website loading speed
To provide a description of an image for visually impaired users and search engines
To prevent image theft

What is the recommended length for meta titles in SEO?

50 characters
100 characters
150 characters
60-70 characters

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