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Which Ted Lasso Character Are You? Quiz

Which Ted Lasso Character Are You? Quiz

Which Ted Lasso Character Are You? Quiz. Ted Lasso is a comedy series that premiered on Apple TV+ in 2020. The show was created by Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt, and Joe Kelly. It stars Sudeikis as the eponymous character, Ted Lasso, an American football coach who is hired to manage a struggling English football (soccer) team, AFC Richmond.

Which Ted Lasso Character Are You? Quiz

The show follows Ted Lasso's journey as he tries to adjust to a new country, culture, and sport while also trying to win over the skeptical fans and players of AFC Richmond. Along the way, he develops strong relationships with the team's owner, Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham), and the team's captain, Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), and proves himself to be much more than just a football coach.

Ted Lasso has received critical acclaim for its heartwarming storytelling, strong performances, and witty humor. It has won multiple awards, including the 2021 Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy and the 2021 Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Comedy Series.

Which Ted Lasso Character Are You? Personality Test

here are some of the main characters from Ted Lasso and a brief explanation of who they are:

  1. Ted Lasso: The titular character and protagonist of the show. He's an American football coach who is hired to manage AFC Richmond, a struggling English football team. Ted is optimistic, empathetic, and always tries to see the best in people. He has a folksy, down-to-earth personality that often clashes with the more reserved and cynical British culture.

  2. Rebecca Welton: The owner of AFC Richmond and the person who hired Ted Lasso. Rebecca is initially portrayed as cold and calculating, but she gradually becomes more sympathetic as her backstory is revealed. She's a complex character who is trying to navigate a difficult situation while also dealing with personal issues.

  3. Roy Kent: The team captain of AFC Richmond and one of the most experienced players on the team. Roy is gruff and blunt, but also deeply loyal and caring. He's a fan favorite and a key player on the team, but he's also dealing with personal issues related to his age and the physical toll of playing football.

  4. Keeley Jones: A model and social media influencer who is dating one of the players on the team. Keeley is initially portrayed as shallow and vain, but she gradually becomes more complex and empathetic as the show goes on. She forms a close bond with Rebecca and becomes a key supporter of the team.

  5. Nate Shelley: The team's equipment manager who is promoted to assistant coach after Ted Lasso takes over. Nate is initially meek and shy, but he gains confidence as he becomes more involved with the team. He's a talented coach and strategist, but he also has personal issues related to his lack of self-esteem.

  6. Higgins: The team's director of communications who is often caught in the middle of conflicts between Ted, Rebecca, and other members of the organization. Higgins is a loyal and dependable character who is always trying to do what's best for the team, even if it means making tough decisions.

These are just a few of the main characters from Ted Lasso, but each one is complex and well-developed, with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The show does an excellent job of exploring their relationships and personal struggles while also maintaining its comedic tone.

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Keeley Jones
Roy Kent
Rebecca Welton
Ted Lasso

Quiz Questions And Answers

What Color Suits you?


What is your favorite vehicle?


Which of these quality suits your personality?


What kind of career would you like to have?

Entertainer (Actor)
Banking Sector

What do you like from


What’s the most challenging thing

Take on a charity
Run a marathon
Exercise your brain
Surprise yourself
Overcome a fear

What do you think you are?


Would you live like a rich person?

Yes, I wan to be
No, I don't

What position would you like to have?

Team Member

What would you focus on during a battle

Staying Alive
Protecting my soldiers
Finding my enemies' weaknesses
Fighting with dignity

How Many times have watched the?

One time
Two times
Three times
More than three times

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Which Ted Lasso Character Are You? Quiz : Test Trivia

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