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Which Heartstopper Character Are You? Quiz

Which Heartstopper Character Are You? Quiz

Which Heartstopper Character Are You? Quiz. "Heartstopper" is a graphic novel series written and illustrated by Alice Oseman. The story revolves around two teenage boys, Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson, who attend an all-boys school in England. Charlie is openly gay and has a crush on Nick, who is a popular rugby player and seemingly straight.

Throughout the series, the two boys become friends and then develop a romantic relationship. The story explores their struggles with their sexuality, coming out, and dealing with homophobia. It also touches on themes of friendship, love, acceptance, and mental health.

"Heartstopper" began as a webcomic in 2016 and was later published as a series of graphic novels. The first volume was published in 2018, followed by three more volumes, the last of which was published in 2021. The series has received critical acclaim for its portrayal of LGBTQ+ themes and characters and has gained a large following among young adult readers. It has also been adapted into a television series, which premiered on Netflix in 2021.

Which Heartstopper Character Are You? Quiz

Here are some of the main characters in "Heartstopper" and a brief description of their personalities:


  1. Charlie Spring: Charlie is one of the main protagonists of the series. He is openly gay and struggles with anxiety and depression. He is kind, caring, and empathetic, and often puts the needs of others before his own.

  2. Nick Nelson: Nick is the other main protagonist of the series. He is a popular rugby player at the all-boys school he attends. Nick is initially hesitant to explore his attraction to Charlie because he is unsure about his own sexuality. Nick is kind-hearted and supportive, but can also be impulsive and emotionally guarded.

  3. Tara Malik: Tara is Charlie's best friend. She is outgoing, confident, and always there for Charlie when he needs her. Tara is also a talented artist and fashion designer.

  4. Darcy Olsson: Darcy is Nick's ex-girlfriend. She is still in love with Nick and struggles to accept their breakup. Darcy is portrayed as a sympathetic character, but can also be possessive and jealous.

  5. Benji Green: Benji is a friend of Charlie's who becomes his love interest in later volumes of the series. He is kind, creative, and passionate about music.

  6. Tao Xu: Tao is Nick's best friend and teammate on the rugby team. He is outgoing, confident, and always up for a good time. Tao is also supportive of Nick and Charlie's relationship, despite some initial hesitation.

  7. Elle Argent: Elle is a popular girl in school who befriends Charlie and Tara. She is outgoing, confident, and has a passion for fashion. Elle is also understanding and supportive of Charlie's sexuality.

  8. Isaac and Lauren: Isaac and Lauren are Charlie's younger siblings. They are both supportive and loving towards Charlie, but also have their own unique personalities. Isaac is a creative and imaginative child, while Lauren is a more practical and logical thinker.

  9. Mrs. Nelson: Mrs. Nelson is Nick's mother. She is kind-hearted and supportive of her son, but also struggles with her own emotions and fears about Nick's sexuality.

  10. Aled Last: Aled is a character introduced in Alice Oseman's previous novel, "Radio Silence", and makes a brief appearance in "Heartstopper". He is Charlie's favorite author and a major inspiration for his own creative writing. Aled is a complex character who struggles with his own identity and mental health.

Throughout the series, the characters grow and develop in nuanced ways, facing their own challenges and overcoming them through the support and understanding of each other. The author, Alice Oseman, has created a diverse cast of characters who represent a variety of different backgrounds and experiences, providing readers with a rich and engaging world to explore.

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Darcy Olsson
Tara Malik
Nick Nelson
Charlie Spring

Quiz Questions And Answers

What Color Suits you?


What is your favorite vehicle?


Which of these quality suits your personality?


What kind of career would you like to have?

Entertainer (Actor)
Banking Sector

What do you like from


What’s the most challenging thing

Take on a charity
Run a marathon
Exercise your brain
Surprise yourself
Overcome a fear

What do you think you are?


Would you live like a rich person?

Yes, I wan to be
No, I don't

What position would you like to have?

Team Member

What would you focus on during a battle

Staying Alive
Protecting my soldiers
Finding my enemies' weaknesses
Fighting with dignity

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