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What Do You Know About Terrestrial Period?

What Do You Know  About Terrestrial Period?

How much do you know about astronomy? Take this terrestrial quiz, and find out what your understanding of this topic is. Go for it and check.

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A lot you know! These are earth-like planets made of rocks or metals with hard surfaces.
These earth-like planets are made of rocks and metals with hard surfaces.
These are differentiated into three layers. Metalic Core, Silicate Shell, and volatile envelop of gasses, ices, and for the earth, liquid water.
The planets mercury, venus, earth, and mars are called terrestrial because they have a compact rocky service like Earth's Terra Firma. These are the four innermost planets of the solar system.

Quiz Questions And Answers

What is terrestrial time used for?

For the measurement of the distance from the astronomical observation from earth.
For the measurement of the time observation from earth.
All of the above.

Which term is referred to anything beyond our planet?


For what term terrestrial is used?

Anything coming from outer space.
Anything coming from the earth.
Anything coming from the Sun.

What is the name of the planet which does not belong to terrestrial classification?


What are the four small rocky planets that orbit the sun?

Terrestrial Planets.
Extra Terrestrial Planets.
The Earthy Planets.

What is the order of planets close to the Sun?

Mercury Venus, Earth, Mars.
Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury.
Earth, Mars, Venus, Mercury.

Mercury orbits 39AU from the Sun, what does AU stand for?

Astronomical Units.
Astronaut Units.
Astronomical Universe.

On which planet does a day last almost 59 earth days?


Which is the smallest planet in the solar system?


Venus has been called what?

Earth's Evil Twin.
Earth's Enemy.
Earth's long lost cousin.

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What Do You Know About Terrestrial Period? : Test Trivia

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