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What kind of sleeper are you?

What kind of sleeper are you?

Do you know that your personality affects your sleep? Take this fun quiz to reveal what kind of sleeper are you?

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You May Get Result Of What kind of sleeper are you?

Night Owls sleep late at night. They feel more energized at the night. They do not take naps in the daytime. They are more productive during nighttime.
Night owls are more energized at night. They prefer to sleep late at the night. They feel more productive during the night. Night owls do not ever take naps.
You get up early in the morning. You tend to be happier than others. You keep on energized all day. You are less likely to fall into depression.
You require a lot of sleep and rest to stay energized all day. You are alert even when you are sleeping.

Quiz Questions And Answers

At what time do you go to sleep?

Early in the night.
Late in the night.
Anytime you finish your book reading.

How many hours of sleep do you get in a day?

Around 8-9 hours a day.
6-8 hours a day.
Around 4-5 hours.

How many times do you wake up at night?

2-3 times.
4-5 times.

How much time does it take for sound sleep?

5-10 minutes.
20-30 minutes.
More than that.

Some of your friends invite you for a late-night movie, would you accompany them?


When do you feel tired in a day?

Feel tired during noon.

Do you take any medicine for your sleep?


When do you feel energized?

All day.
In the morning.

If you have to travel by air, what would you do?

Travel, early morning.
Fall asleep before takeoff.
I am not sure.

What do you do in the morning when you wake up?

Work out.
Just snooze.

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What kind of sleeper are you? : Test Trivia

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