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How well do you know First class?

How well do you know First class?

First Class" debuted at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming Harlow\'s second song The song also entered atop the charts in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, peaked at number two in Austria, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, South Africa, Switzerland and the UK, and within the top ten in Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Who sang the song "first class"

Jack Harlow
Niall Horan
Justin Bieber

Song is a part of which album?

The Rolling Stones
Come Home the Kids Miss You
purple rain

who are the producers of the song?

Nigel Godrich
Mike Dean
Jack Harlow Charlie Handsome Jasper Harris

when was the song released?

8 April 2022
4 May 2022
27 March 2022

what is the genre of the song ?

Hip hop

who wrote the song?

Jackman Harlow
Taylor Swift
Liam pane

When was the song live performed?

May 15
April 8
May 20

What is the length of the song


Continue the lyrics "I can see the whole city from this balcony"

Back in 2019, I was outside freely
Tryna come the same day as Jack? Rethink it
Hard drive full of heat seekin'

The song went viral on which social media site before it's official release

Tik tok

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How well do you know First class? : Test Trivia

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