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What kind of trash are you?

What kind of trash are you?

Come and find out if you are garbage, recycling, compost, or unsorted. Attempt the quiz and find out the results. What kind of trash are you?

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You May Get Result Of What kind of trash are you?

You are like a basic trash can. You can not tell difference between the motor and AC unit. You are like trash but you still have an annoying child-like spirit.
You behave like a basic trash can. You can not differentiate between a motor or an AC unit. Still, you have got an annoying child-like spirits.
Life is a bag of garbage. You are a bit of an intentional mess and, you like to have good times. People love you. You feel your emotions strongly.
You are the most garbegy type of garbage. You radiate warm not in a good way. Everyone wants to escape from your smell. You just wanted to be loved. Good luck with all that.

Quiz Questions And Answers

What is your favorite color?


What would you like to do at the party?

Talk to some of my friends.
Do nothing.

What would do if you are called by your girlfriend over lunch?

Go over there to join her.
I will try to join her.
Turn a blind eye on it.

What would be your dream house?

My apartment.
A bigger house.
A simple and lovable place to live.

Do you love pop corns?

Love it.
Sometimes I love it.
Hate it.

Your favorite sports?

I do not play games.

Highest level of education achieved by you?

A postgraduate in medicine.
School dropout.

Do you sort your recycling?

I am not sure what goes where.

What you can live without it?

My books.
My shoes.
My pen.

What is the other name used for garbage?


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What kind of trash are you? : Test Trivia

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