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How much a mom friend are you?

How much a mom friend are you?

Are your mom\\\'s friend group? If so just how many are your mom\\\'s friends? Attempt these questions we will tell you the truth about your role.

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You May Get Result Of How much a mom friend are you?

You are not mom's friend. You are of that type who likes to lecture other people or tell them how to live their life. You are a free person and want to spend your life on your own.
You are 10% mom's friend. You are a free person and want to spend your own life alone. You do not want to interfere in other's life.
You always give great advice. You always lend your shoulder to cry. You also love to have a good time and cut loose, you put your responsibilities first.
Based on the results of this quiz you are 100% Mom's friend. You always mediate in small tiffs. You keep everyone on task. You take care of the whole group.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Where would you spend an evening with your friends?

At home cooking.
Swimming pool.
At movie.

When you go out for dinner with your family how early do you reach?

Right on time.
15 minutes early.
Late by 10 minutes.

When you are going for a long drive what would you carry along with?

Snacks & water.
Just essentials like a wallet & cell phone.
Only wallet.

When you are in distress whom do you call first?

My Mom.
My spouse.
My freind.

What do your friends think about you?

Always warm & welcoming.
Always organized.
Cool person.

How about the designated driver in your group?


What do you believe is your best quality?

My intelligence.
My humor.
My kindness.

Are you a peace maker in your group?

Yes, I am.

Do you always keep secrets from your friends?

Am great at keeping secrets.
I can try.
I can not keep secrets.

What do your friends think about your job?

They do not know about my job.

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How much a mom friend are you? : Test Trivia

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