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Am I handsome?

Handsome men are physically attractive. Your family and friends tell you you are handsome. It may be only due to that they like you. Attempt this quiz and find out are you handsome?

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Yes, regularly.
Not so regular.
I do not work out at home.
Yes, they are.
I am not sure.
No, they are not.
Yes, I do.
I prefer veggies.
I love meat.
Prefer junk food.
No, I do not use it.
Cool & Confident.
No, I prefer loose.
Yes, I prefer skintight clothes.
Yes, I do.
Once in two days.
I avoid a daily bath.
2000 Calories.
Depends upon physical activity.
I am not sure.

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Am I handsome? : Test Trivia

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