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What Is Wrong With My Marriage Quiz

What Is Wrong With My Marriage Quiz

Have you and your partner been fighting about the same things recently? Do you spend less time together? These are just a few signs that your marriage might be in trouble! Take this quiz to find out! ----- ------ -------- What Is Wrong With My Marriage Marriage is a pressing business and for several people, a great deal of thinking goes into making that all-important choice to walk down the way, to look longingly into your partner’s eyes, and to say “I do.” But, suppose things start traveling south or you wake up one morning and begin wondering regarding your partner. Small things may have been adding up. Little misgivings about the wedding itself begin converging your wisdom and questions like these originate surfacing higher than hardly. How to recognize if you married the wrong person? Are there tell-tale signs you partnered with the wrong person? What can you do to circumvent this always appearing to you? And when you marry the evil person, what can you do—what are the opportunities for turning that condition? What is remarkable about you marrying the wrong person? Of course, everybody will have their marks of being in attachment with the wrong person, but the next list and parts can be very useful in identifying marks you married the evil person. You start arguing more often In the past, little variations were not marked or neglected but now bickering seems to be occurring more often. “We never used to bicker,” Alana Jones, a 26-year old account manager, maintained. This is starting to add up and get me to know that the person I married is changing into somebody I don’t know.” Arguing is necessary, but happy pairs understand how to argue in a way that does not chip away at conjugal satisfaction. You discover you are no longer sharing the “little things” The things that combine flexibility to your days such as the funny cover sticker you saw on the approach to work or the knowledge that a partner was having triplets. “I have to confess that I have thought about how complex my married life might be if I had married Dalton, my very prime boyfriend,” Alexis Armstrong-Glico, agreed. Understanding how appealing his life is–the changes between San Francisco, London, Tokyo, Zurich connecting it to my husband’s commute from our neighborhood to Tulsa, actually makes me wonder if I ever should have snapped up with him. What would my life have been like? Angel, my partner, does not even wish to go to the nearby county to see if anything is distinctive in the purchasing mall there than the one here,” Alexis sighed. Your arguments escalate into screaming matches You discover reasons not to spend as much time together I just never need to go to different baseball matches with Marc, Winny Kane stated. And I can hardly notice any activity to become a couch potato when football season. I’m beginning to run out of reason.

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Your Marriage have
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Quiz Questions And Answers

How old is your marriage?

1-3 years
4-10 years
10-20 years
20 Above

Are you feeling that your partner is no longer interested in you?

Yes, i feel that way
No, but sometimes he makes me feel like it.
Hes tired and probably seeing someone already

Are you thinking about having an affair?

Not in my wildest dreams
I'm thinking that if it goes this way, i might end up seeking someone

How do you feel when you see your spouse?


Is your marriage making you unhappy?

Yes, it maybe is
No, i don't think so
I'm not sure

How often do you have sex?

Once in a week
Once every fortnight
Once in a blue moon

When was the last time you and your spouse had memorable time together?

A week ago
A month ago
I don't even remember

How often do you keep secrets from your spouse?

Not at All
Almost about everything

Do you focus more on your kids than on each other?

We don't have kids

How often do you spend quality time together?

Once in a while

How often do you fight?


Does any of you consider the other one incompetent?

Both of us do
Yes, he does
Yes, I do

Do you like to surpise each other?

Every week
Every Month

Are you in your marriage just because of your kids?

If it weren't for the kids, i'd be gone

Are you willing to work towards fixing your marriage?

No, not really
Yes, I am
I want to get divorced

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What Is Wrong With My Marriage Quiz : Test Trivia

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