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IceyPlayzRblx quiz!!

IceyPlayzRblx quiz!!
Royale High Christmas picture from Roblox- Credits!!!!

Let\'s see! Do you know this new youtuber that great?

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You May Get Result Of IceyPlayzRblx quiz!!

This isn't a threat, lke how this quiz is just for fun! Its okay! You may need to watch her to complete the quiz though... ;-;
You know me a little, but not that much. To say the truth, I don't even know myself! If you want to get all right at this quiz, keep going.
You are doing good!! :) Keep going, I believe in you!!
Yay!!! Congrats you've done it and got all (or almost all dont know how this works lol) right!! Great job!!! You are now officially a FAN, or MEMBER of this channel! <3

Quiz Questions And Answers

What is Icey's real name?

Dtk (Danae)

What eye and hair color does Icey actually have?

Blue hair probably? Eyes could be blue too...
Blonde hair and green eyes.
I don't need to guess. Not a fan.
Brown hair and eyes!

What games does IceyPlayzRblx play?

Roblox, Minecraft, Gacha Club + Gacha life.
Uhm... I don't... know.
Roblox bc she plays it a lot ig
I heard she likes to play any game just with friends!

Is IceyPlayzRblx a new Youtuber or Famous Youtuber?


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IceyPlayzRblx quiz!! : Test Trivia

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