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Lesbian scenario quiz for adults.

Lesbian scenario quiz for adults.

here we go another gay quiz.*warning. For adults.

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You May Get Result Of Lesbian scenario quiz for adults.

You don’t want anything to do with this sorta stuff. Well, at least you know!
This cannot be determined.
Let’s others make the first move, and is kind of a pushover in relationship. Own it!
You hardcore lessy. Own it!!!

Quiz Questions And Answers

You are at work. A one of your coworkers named Anne comes to your desk or wherever you work and starts cutely but discreetflirting. You…

Laugh and start flirting back. Anne’s pretty cute.
Tell her to go away
Keep it polite.

At the end of the day, apparently Anne’s bike has been stolen. You…

Offer to give her a drive. She must be tired from having to work and bike all that distance!
Say oh well. Sorry.
Buy her a new bike.

Let’s say you drive her home. She tells you to stay and let her cook for you because of the kindness you’ve shown her.

Say of course!
Say nah I’m good.
I didn’t drive her.

The meal is amazing. Anne smiles and flirts again. She finally admits her crush on you. You…

Say the same
I didn’t drive her home!!!

Anne takes you upstairs and unclothes herself. You think…

Oh man. What’s gonna happen now!
I need to leave.
I already left.
This never happened! I never drove her home!

Anne makes out with you. She’s a super good kisser! You take your top off and she touches your chest. You.

I’ve left!!
See where it goes!
This never happened!
I don’t like this.

Once all of your clothing is discarded Anne makes out with you and rubs her hands everywhere. You then…

Do the same. We’re eating each other’s faces with how deep this kiss is! Her hands….
I’ve left.
Stop by now.
I’m not there!!!!!!!

Once she’s done it’s your turn. You are really strong and go too deep. She says to stop.

Stop. Obey her wishes,
Don’t stop. Go so far that she’s screaming bloody murder.
I’ve stopped already.
I’m not there!

Once you’ve stopped, you leave. But before you go, Anne asks you to hang out more and be her girlfriend.

Of course!!!
This never happened!!
No thanks. That was a one time deal.

Your at work and she comes over. Anne squeezes your thigh and makes a dirty joke. You say…

Later. Meet me at my house.
Nope. Not now, not ever.
We never happened.

You’ve been dating for a pretty long time now. You’ve said I love you and everything. When you get home and rock Anne, she produces a ring and proposes. You say…

Of course! And go back to making out.
No. Leave.
We never happened.

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Yeah! It was awesome!!!
It totally sucked. Please don’t make more.
Just without the love making.
Sure it was fun

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Lesbian scenario quiz for adults. : Test Trivia

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