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Quiz: Cold Pursuit movie.

Quiz: Cold Pursuit movie.

This quiz contains information about Cold Pursuit movie.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Cold Pursuit movie directed by-

Michael Shamberg
Hans Petter Moland
Domenick Lombardozzi

Which year Cold Pursuit movie released?


Who was awarded "Citizen of the Year" in this film?

Nelson Coxman
White Bull

Who is the writer of this film?

Frank Baldwin
Tom Jackson
Emmy Rossum

Who did the music of this movie?

Ameet Shukla
Michael Shamberg
George Fenton

In the film, who was murdered by a drug cartel?

Nels's son
Nels's wife
Nels's brother

Who acted as Nelson "Nels" Coxman in this film?

William Forsythe
Tom Bateman
Liam Neeson

Who is the cinematographer of this movie?

John Doman
Philip Øgaard
Laura Dern

In the film, ....................... eventually learns that Coxman has killed his men?


Who is the editor of this movie?

Nicolaj Monberg
Finn Gjerdrum
Stein B. Kvae

Who played the role of Nels's wife in the film?

Anna Maria
Julia Jones
Laura Dern

What is the total duration of this film?

114 minutes
118 minutes
102 minutes

Cold Pursuit movie distributed by-

Summit Entertainment
Paramount Films
Mountains films

Who acted as Kimberly "Kim" Dash, a local detective in this film?

Julia Jones
Laura Dern
Emmy Rossum

What is the total budget of this film?

$50 million
$60 million
$40 million

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Quiz: Cold Pursuit movie. : Test Trivia

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