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Do you have a fake girl friend?

Do you have a fake girl friend?

Have you ever thought that your girlfriend was a real friend or fake? Find out in this quiz what are the signs of a fake friend or how to spot it?

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You May Get Result Of Do you have a fake girl friend?

Answers shows that she is not true to you. Keeps on fighting and there is difference towards your styles.
Results show that you and your beloved are not true to each other. There are differences in your lifestyles and keep on fighting with each other.
Results show that you both are good friends. You can work upon your friendship and later on can think about your love.
Congratulations, you have got an actual true girlfriend. You both are good friends and you would not allow any other fellow to come into your way. This is a healthy sign of true friendship.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Does your girlfriend always gossip about others?

Yes, all the time.

What is the definition of friendship to you?

How reliable is your girlfriend?
How sincere are both of you?
How fast you can compromise.

For how long you have been friends?

Around one year.
For sometimes.
I do not remember exactly.

For how many times you and your friend have fought?


Has your girlfriend ever confessed that she loves you?

I do not remember.

Has your girlfriend ever lied to you?

No, never.
Yes, many times.

How do you react when you are upset?

Remain calm and cool.
I am not sure.
I get angry.

Whenever you talk to your girlfriend does she feels bored?

Yes, always.

Have you ever lost rust in your girlfriend?

Maybe once.

How do you and your friend have fun together?

Go out swimming.
Long drive.
Spend time on the phone.

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Do you have a fake girl friend? : Test Trivia

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