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Do you know royale high?

Do you know royale high?

Find out if you know royale high!

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You May Get Result Of Do you know royale high?

You've got a lot of things to know about royale high and probbaly just joined!If not i suggest learning some! C:
You've got some things to know about royale high but your not a noob!Maybe go level up or do classes and soon you'll be a queen/king !
You know some stuff about royale high but Some studying is needed before your a pro!Just maybe go ahead and go to enchanted time for a good lesson and you'll be a pro in no time!
You know everything there is to know about royale high!You probably even have a halo!

Quiz Questions And Answers

Who is the best known youtuber for royale high

Leah Ashe
Daddy and daughter gaming

What was the first halo

Light halo
Valentine's halo 2019
What's a halo?

What is the most recent set(2022)

Dear dollie
Oppsites attract
Peppermint princess

What time does breakfeast start

5 am
7 am
6 am

How long until you can wish in the fountain

Every three hours
Once a day
Every 5 hours

Which halo is pink

Valentines halo 2021
Lucky halo 2020
Light halo

Which set does not have shoes

December's dream
Miss lady rose
Summer fantasy

How many dims do you get for winning second place in a pageant

600 dims
200 dims
1 k dims

You can ONLY find dewdrops at which of these places

Enchanix high
Divina Park
The castle/school

What level do you have to be to trade


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Do you know royale high? : Test Trivia

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