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Royale High Quiz!

Royale High Quiz!

wanna know if You\'re an original Royale High player Check out this Quiz!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which item is the most expensive item?

Magical Broom Stick
2020 Eleagnt Parasol
December Dream Skirt

what was Royale Highs Original Name

Faires And Mermaids Winx High School
Little Pony's
Winx Unicorn Elemenarty School
Animal Paradise With Faires And Pony tails

When was Royale High Created?


When was the first update in the earth realm?

Halloween 2018
Halloween 2017

How much players does oyale high have?

7.37 billion
5.76 billion
3.25 billion
9.35 billion

who's Lizzy Winkle?

izzy_Winkle (October 17, 2004 - November 29, 2019, [aged 15]) was a Filipino-American artist on Roblox.
A Graphic Designer that worked for Andriod.

When was Earth Made?

September 2018
November 2019
January 2017
May 2016

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Royale High Quiz! : Test Trivia

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