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Do I have a sense of value for money?

When you say that you want more money, it means that you feel for more money. It is said that money and possessions have no power, power comes from the way you feel when you possess these things. In order to determine your money value attempt the following quiz.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Very important to me.
Is important to me.
I can skip holidays.
Very Important.
It is important to me.
It is not important.
Yes, very important to me.
No, not at all.
It is important to me.
Yes, of course.
No, I can manage anywhere.
If possible, I would prefer.
Very important.
Maybe it is.
No, never.
Very important to me.
It is important.
Not necessarily.
Very important to me.
Not so important.
No, not at all
Yes, of course.
No, I am not intrested.
YES, If possible.
Yes, it is important.
Not so important.
Yes, I think
It is important to take your own decisions.
Would prefer to do this.
Not intrested.

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Do I have a sense of value for money? : Test Trivia

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