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Quiz: The Sessions Movie.

Quiz: The Sessions Movie.

This quiz contains information about The Sessions Movie.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Who is the director of The Sessions Movie?

Alex Mudi
Ben Lewin
Thomas Linkon

Which year The Sessions Movie released?


Mark O'Brien is ............... in this film.

a businesman
a doctor
a poet

Who acted as Mark O'Brien in the film?

John Hawkes
Robin Weigert
Blake Lindsley

In the film, Cheryl told Mark that they will have no more than ................. sessions together.


Who acted as Cheryl Cohen-Greene in this film?

Rhea Perlman
Annika Marks
Helen Hunt

Who did the music for this film?

Marco Beltrami
Stephen Nemeth
Ben Lewin

After surviving Mark meets a young woman named-

Cheryl Cohen
Susan Fernbach
Lawrenc Pink

Who is the cinematographer of The Sessions film?

William H. Macy
Moon Bloodgood
Geoffrey Simpson

Who played the role of a priest, Father Brendan, in the film?

Rusty Schwimmer
William H. Macy
W. Earl Brown

Who is the editor of this film?

Ben Lewin
Stephen Nemeth
Lisa Bromwell

Who acted as Susan Fernbach in the film?

Rhea Perlman
Robin Weigert
Pamela Leigh

Who was Mark O'Brien's caretaker in the film?

Laura White
Mikvah lady

What is the total duration of The Sessions film?

102 minutes
95 minutes
85 minutes

What was the total budget for the film?

$1 million
$5 million
$3 million

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Quiz: The Sessions Movie. : Test Trivia

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