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What should I order for Dinner tonight? Quiz

The end of the day means for us the most. You are coming home after a long day of work. Your stomach is growling and you feel hungry for the food. You ask yourself what should I order for dinner tonight. Find out from the following quiz what should you order for dinner tonight.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Sweet and Sour.
Rich food.
Cheap food will do.
Would like to have expensive food.
Can manage with either of them.
Yes, I am health conscious.
No, I do not care.
Indian food.
Chinese Food.
Continental food.
Something sweet
Vegetarian food.
Anything nonvegetarian.
A fair amount.
a lot
less to moderate
I will wait patiently
I will gobble up junk
I will find something
Yes, I love curries.
No, I do not like curries.
Yes, I like rice.
No, I do not.
Maybe it will do.
I can eat whole
I can eat three or four pieces
I will not eat

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What should I order for Dinner tonight? Quiz : Test Trivia

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