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Quiz: Safety Not Guaranteed Movie.

Quiz: Safety Not Guaranteed Movie.

This quiz contains information about the movie Safety Not Guaranteed.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Which year the movie Safety Not Guaranteed released?


Who is the director of this film?

Peter Saraf
Marc Turtletaub
Colin Trevorrow

Who is one of the producer of this film?

Karan Soni
Marc Turtletaub
Mark Duplass

Who acted as Darius Britt in this film?

Aubrey Plaza
Kristen Bell
Mary Lynn

The film Safety Not Guaranteed written by-

Colin Trevorrow
Derek Connolly
Derek Connolly

In the film, who acted as Kenneth Calloway a stock clerk at a local grocery store ?

Mark Duplass
Peter Saraf
Colin Tait

Who did the music for this film?

Max Terence
Jhon Alan
Ryan Miller

Who acted as Jeff Schwensen in this film?

Matt Luice
Jake Johnson
Hobart Max

Who is the cinematographer of this film?

Benjamin Kasulke
Derek Connolly
Colin Trevorrow

Safety Not Guaranteed has a ................ approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on reviews from 142 critics.


The film distributed by-

Star Films
Mounts Films

Who acted as Belinda in this film?

Mark Duplass
Jeff Garlin
Kristen Bell

Metacritic gives film a score of .............. based on reviews from 31 critics.


What is the total duration of this film?

86 minutes
73 minutes
66 minutes

What was the total budget of this film?


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Quiz: Safety Not Guaranteed Movie. : Test Trivia

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