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The Ultimate Royale High Quiz

How well do you know Royale High? Test your knowledge in the hardest Royale High quiz!. Royale High is a fantasy princess high school roleplaying game on the Roblox platform. The Royale High, your ever-growing dream world. Is Royale High appropriate? It\'s a nice gentle game, although be warned, it may lead to requests for a real pet of your own. Find new friends and places to explore while you dress up in the school themed world of Royale High Made by Leah Ashe

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Opposite Attracts Set
Popstar Set
December's Dream Set
Summer Fantasy Set
Gothicutie Set
Dear Dollie
Enchanting Heirloom Set
Darling Valentina
Magical Broomstick
Large Train Bow Skirt
2020 Parasol
Gothicutie Boots
Dear Dollie
Enchanting Heirloom
Darling Valentina
Miss Lady Rose Set
Glimmering Light Halo
Corrupt Halo
Lucky Halo
Winter Halo 2018
Leah Ashe
Roblox Jenna
Enchantix High
Fantasia Getaway Resort

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this is the hardest royale high quiz in the world!! only true og royale high players will achieve 100%!!
Royale high quiz
Let\\\'s see how much of a pro player you are in royale high... or maybe even a OG? Take this quiz to test out your knowledge and see if you know RH in the back of your hands.. (Made by @BellaOnRun...
Best Royale high quiz!
Let’s see how much you know about the royale high valentines update!
Easy royale high quiz
This quiz is perfect for you if your new to royale high. Start from this quiz and do harder quiz’s after!

The Ultimate Royale High Quiz : Test Trivia

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