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What Disney World Cast Member Are You? Quiz

Find which Disney World Cast Member Are You by taking this simple quiz. A cast member CM is an employee of Disney who works in the Disney park. Like other MNC’s in disney park there are various departments look after by different teams. Like the security department for the safety purpose which is one the important department because most of the population in the parks are of the childrens. So maybe you can fit in their security department. Maybe you have some knowledge about medical and you are eligible to work in the emergency service of the park. You Can be fit in any other service perhaps. But You can get the final answer by playing this entertaining quiz . So lets play it right now..!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Some Other
Tell a story
Read a novel
Watch an anime
Keep drawing
Easy Going
Hard to Adjust
Comfortable over time
You're the life of the gathering.
You're super entertaining
You're lazy yet funny
Leather Jacket
Some other
A Castle
A Studio Apartment
A Celebrity Mansion
A Comedy Show
A Cooking Show
A Documentary
Depends how dark it is.

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What Disney World Cast Member Are You? Quiz : Test Trivia

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