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I didnt expect this!!
We should work on our relationship to be more understanding
We are understanding! dont worry
Congrats ! we can never misunderstand each other

Quiz Questions And Answers

When you are feeling down, what do you wish I should do for you?

Focus on my eyes and listen to you they are speaking
Give me countless hugs and kisses
Make me a delicious meal that makes me forget everything else
Surprise me

You forgot something important, and you are sorry. How do you wish your partner should react?

They say that 'It's alright. We all forget things every now and then."
Ask you to forget it and take you on a short walk
Buy you an ice cream
Immediately jump off the bed to get that thing done

What turns you off in your partner?

When they don't appreciate or recognize your efforts
When they work long hours and come home late.
When they do not help me with my house chores.
When they neglect me

When on Periods what do you expect me to do?

Say "I Love You" to me as much as they can.
Cuddle with me on the couch and watch a movie
Avoid telling her anything that can irritate Me
Bring me lots of chocolates and icecream and feed me

How do you imagine your partner to kiss you?

Unexpected Kisses in unexpected time and area
Up against the wall holding your both arms
In a shower
In a rain

At Night Your partner came home exhausted , he wants to sleep early but you have planned something else to do that night . How do you convince your partner ?

I'd rather let him rest
Comfort him with kisses and hugs and convince him about your plan
Ignore and get angry on him
Cry the whole night

One night You got exhausted and very tired what would you do?

I will silently go to bed, as he won't wake me up sleeping
I will tell him , that i cant do anything and get irritated on him and cry
I will ask him to cuddle me, hug me and kiss me till I sleep
I ask him to cook and feed me

What kind of travel do you prefer with your partner?

Evening bike rides
A trip for shopping.
A place to come closer
A mountain hike

What do you like to wear on date night

A saree
A Dress your partner gifted
Dress you like
Dress chose b your mom/friends

What do you want your partner to wear when alone in your bed room

sleeveless Tshirt and shorts
something that turns me On ! Surprise me!!!!
I'd rather prefer no clothes
A shirt and pajamas

Both are walking for a long time and you have painful legs , there is no vehicle around , still 2 kms to walk ..what do you ask your partner

To give you a piggybag ride
Lift in his arms and carry you
To lift and put you on his shoulder
I'd rather walk myself

Someone came to you and started flirting , what would you do?

Fight with him
Call your partner and complain about him
You just tell him that you are already committed and go away

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